Montreal Focus Group Facilities Guide

Clients frequently ask us about the focus group facilities available in Montreal. Here is our guide to Montreal’s focus group facilities.

Facility Locations

The most frequently used focus group facilities in Montreal are downtown in close proximity to St. Catherine Street, Montreal’s main commercial street.


Below are descriptions of each facility.

CRC Research

Facilities: This is Montreal’s largest focus-group facility. It’s got 5 rooms, including a room just for one-on-one interviews.
Notes: Focusvision, simultrans available, can do car clinics, website usability testing, taste tests.

Opinion Quest

Facilities: 3 Focus-Group rooms.

Notes: FocusVision and simultrans available.

Groupe Christal

Facilities: 2 Focus-Group rooms & kitchen equipped for taste tests.

Notes: FocusVision and simultrans available.

MBA Recherche

Facilities: 2 Focus-Group rooms.

Notes: Livestreaming and simultrans available.

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