Ethnographic Research Pricing

Ethnographic Research: From $8,850

Thank you for enquiring about our Ethnographic Research Pricing.  Our Ethnographic Research can include observing or interviewing people while they are at home or out shopping for a product.  By allowing us to observe people while they are using a product or deciding which brand to buy, Ethnography allows us to truly understand people’s behaviour in-context, which can lead to greater insight.

Ethnographic Research Package Includes:

  • 5 In-Home Interviews or Shop-alongs in one market
  • Recruiting
  • Discussion Guide & Moderation
  • Videography
  • Report & recommendations
What To Expect:
  • A skilled moderator and carefully designed discussion guide
  • A highly revealing snapshot of the meaning a product holds in people’s lives, and of the drivers and barriers to brand consideration
  • A robust report, including video highlights, with actionable learning!

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