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  • Insight Europe Europe

    insight europe was founded by French sociologist and cultural anthropologist Jeanne Carré and German MBA Eva Caspary. Its approach to research and analysis is rooted in Cultural Anthropology, examining the cultural patterns that drive behaviour and shape the subconscious. Insight europe has a multi-national team of senior qualitative expert researchers with bi-cultural backgrounds that moderate not only in German but also in French, Spanish and English, covering most of the large European markets. They have a premium viewing facility in the heart of Frankfurt that was designed by researchers for researchers. website
  • Creative Semiotics Europe

    Creative Semiotics is a boutique consultancy that uses semiotics as a fuel for driving strategic direction and creative innovation. Founder and Director Chris Arning has over 10 years experience as a qualitative researcher, planner and semiotician specializing in helping enhance inter-cultural communication and design thinking. He is the founder of the Semiotic Thinking Group on LinkedIn, co-founder of Semiofest and teaches a course in Brands and Meaning at Warwick University. website
  • pharest Europe

    Sylvie Dion is the co-founder of Pharest, a research and strategy consultancy that uses the social sciences as tools for understanding individuals and groups. She is a graduate of the Sorbonne (sociology and ethnology), and has an MBA from EML.

    Sylvie is an energetic, empathic and passionate moderator, eerienced in all qualitative methodologies, applied to a variety of sectors, from FMCGs to luxury goods, public services, tourism. With an unquenchable curiosity for foreign markets and cultures, has conducted research projects all around the world, and works with a great partners’ network: in Europe, north and south America, Asia, the Middle East and more. website
  • Cultural Cartography Europe

    Cultural Cartography explores the cultural intersection of attitudes, beliefs and rituals. It uncovers motivations in society and provides new perspectives on brands, categories and the wider cultural environment. Owner and Director Max Leefe is a highly experienced commercial semiotician and cultural analyst with a background in brand development, qualitative research and communications. website
  • Leapfrog India

  • Fiftyfive5 Australia

    Fiftyfive5 evolved out of a desire to see investment in research and insights deliver growth. It focuses on overcoming the three main barriers to research effectiveness: (1) Define the real question (2) Deliver genuine insight to answer that question (3) Provide clear growth paths to inspire clients and empower them to own the way forward. Fiftyfive5 offers full service market research including moderation, ethnography and semiotic analysis. website
  • Maria Collier de Mendonca - Qualitative Research and Semiotics Consultant South America

    Maria has extensive experience in market research and brand strategy, having first worked in advertising for seven years before becoming a qualitative researcher. She is skilled in moderation, ethnography and semiotic analysis. Maria also has a Ph.D in Communications and Semiotics from the Catholic University of São Paulo. website
  • LabBrand China

    Labbrand is a leading China-originated brand consultancy, working collaboratively with consumers & corporations to build and strengthen brands through culturally relevant actions. To achieve success and brand innovations, it seamlessly coordinates research, strategic decisions, and creative implementation.

    Labbrand understands the importance of culture in building strong brands. Its experienced culture experts transform innovative insights into effective brand actions. Labbrand was awarded Greater China Independent Agency of the Year in 2013. website
  • Semiotica Studio Spain Europe

    Semiotica Studio is a Spanish/Argentinian consultancy offering cultural analysis and qualitative research. Its passion is understanding and uncovering how meaning is constructed and conveyed by consumers and the culture. Spanish lead Gabriela Pedranti is a communication consultant, cultural analyst, lecture writer, and the Coordinator of the BA Hons Fashion Marketing and Communication program at IED Barcelona. website
  • Semiotica Studio Argentina South America

    Semiotica Studio is an Argentinian/Spanish consultancy offering cultural analysis and qualitative research. Its passion is understanding and uncovering how meaning is constructed and conveyed by consumers and the culture. Argentinian lead Ximena Tobi is a semiotician and qualitative researcher, specializing in cultural discourse and media analysis. She is also Lecturer and researcher at the University of Buenos Aires - Argentina. website