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Cognition + Culture
Analytic Model
Planning Process
Multimodal Design
Global Research
1. Cognition + Culture Analytic Model

Our unique approach identifies the cognitive and cultural levers that move consumers towards your brand, and broaden and deepen customer equity.

2. Personality-Based Recruitment

It’s not enough to just recruit users of the brand or category.   We screen for other critical attributes – like personality type – to ensure that we get participants who will give us the most robust feedback.

3. Our Impact Planning Process

Our goal is always to deliver findings in a way that creates maximum organizational alignment and buy-in,  and leadsto faster decision-making.  So out studies always begin withan impact planning phase, in which we interview keystakeholders to really understand the business problem, and to discover what approach will best support the internalization and activation of insights.

4. Multimodal Design

We curate, combine, and sequence research methods to optimize the enquiry for your study, and to provide a multi-faceted, wholistic perspective on your business problem or opportunity.

5. Our Global Research Network

We have deep experience in fielding global studies, and area member agency of Think Global Qualitative, an international network of senior Qualitative Consultants, providing local expertise in markets around the world.  We leverage this network to deliver better insights than clients typically get with the big research agencies, who tend to employ junior researchers on global studies.

We know we're good. But don’t take our word for it…
Here it is, straight from our happy clients

Charles Calisto
Business Manager, 3M (USA)

Athena helped us with the usability testing on our redesigned e-commerce portal (which globally is the conduit for a very significant sales volume). They got up to speed on our prototype quickly and understood the business priorities behind the usability testing.  In two days of testing Jeff established good rapport with our customer-respondents, and made sure that both they and we had some fun along the way!  Finally, they were able to rapidly turnaround a topline report pinpointing critical opportunities for UX refinement that allowed us to quickly move forward with confidence that our site was been optimized for better business.  Recommended.”

Kate Marshall
Director of Marketing & Communications, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University

Athena are very conscientious and thorough in their approach…always on top of the project…delivered strong report with good insights in a very understandable but rigorous manner – good value for money!  People constantly refer to the research they did for us and refer to their verbiage and findings. Like Athena personally and professionally…would definitely work with them again and would recommend them!

Scott Armstrong
Partner, Brainrider Knowledge Marketing Group

I have had the benefit of Athena Brand Wisdom’s analysis and counsel on various projects over the years and continue to look for opportunities to work with them.  Last year, Jeff guest-lectured at the University course on marketing research I was teaching, and brought great insight on the ins, outs, and politics of advertising research.  I’ve recommended Athena in past to others (with good results) and continue to do so!

Lynette Manderson
Program Manager, Shoppers Drug Mart Specialty Health Network

Athena worked with us on two phases of a research project speaking to nurses about a program concept for encouraging patient adherence.  They were very pleasant to work with and open to the challenges provided to them. Their partnership model meant that we had the benefit of Sarah’s excellent moderation in the room combined with Jeff’s support and counsel in the backroom.  Throughout the sessions, they offered consultation on appropriate questioning tactics to ensure the discussion was lead in an unbiased manner and the resulting responses were useful for implementation. They produced timely, solid reports full of useful insight and actionable recommendations that gave us clear direction for refining our program concept.

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