Website Usability Research Pricing

Website Usability Research: From $9,250

Thank you for enquiring about our Website Usability Research pricing.  Our featured Website Usability Research package consists of live, moderated usability testing using the industry best-practice “Thinking-Aloud” method. With this approach, 5 participants complete a series of tasks on your website which you identify as the “critical” tasks.  While they complete the tasks, they “think aloud” – letting us know what they’re looking for, what they’re seeing, and what’s puzzling them.  This research is conducted in a research facility with a one-way mirror.  Client observers, behind the glass, watch live video showing the participant’s face and also the computer screen, with mousetrails.   This is truly a “reality-check” on your website!

Website Usability Research Package Includes:

  • One on One Moderated Usability Testing with 5 Respondents
  • Recruiting & Facility Rental
  • Discussion Guide & Moderation
  • Report & recommendations
What To Expect:
  • A skilled moderator and carefully designed discussion guide
  • “Surprises” from your site users, who rarely use a website in just the way we imagine
  • A robust report, including video highlights, with actionable learning!

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