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Online & Mobile Qual

Online & Mobile are fully mainstream now, and are among the richest ways of obtaining consumer insight

Online qualitative is a particularly good choice for sensitive topics where respondents might feel inhibited, or for younger respondents, for whom communicating online can feel more natural than communicating in person.


Increasingly sophisticated platforms allow consumers to do online journaling, upload images and video, create collages and map brands.

We use mobile qualitative research when it’s important to have “on-location”, feedback: when shopping, socializing, or travelling, times when people are on the go, or in contexts that would be otherwise difficult to access.  It allows respondents to record video, audio, photos, and text observations “in the moment”. They can show, instead of telling, record data over a period of time, and allow you to participate in their lives in a non-intrusive way.

In executing our online research studies, we use the innovative Aha! platform, which allows for longitudinal studies of any length, and has robust features such as collages, pinboards, bulletin boards, rich media sharing, and more, and which is fully mobile-friendly.