Focus Group Research Pricing

Focus Group Research: From $9,500

Thank you for enquiring about our Focus Group Research Pricing.  Focus group research continues to be the world’s most used qualitative market research methodology.  The group dynamic of focus groups allows for detailed exploration of your target’s perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes.  Truth is, there is just nothing like coming “face to face” with your target consumer!
Focus Group Research Package Includes:

  • 2 Focus Groups in One Market
  • Recruiting & Facility Rental
  • Discussion Guide & Moderation
  • Report & Recommendations
What To Expect:
  • A skilled moderator who manages the group discussion to maximize participants contributions and client learning
  • A customized discussion guide, which typically involves a variety of activities to help reveal participants’ true motivations and beliefs
  • A robust report with actionable learning!

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